Our History

Sometime in June 1950, three young doctors namely, Dr. Jose L. Abueg Sr., Dr. Leonardo F. Gallardo, Sr., and Dr. Pablo O. Torre Sr. decided to pool their individual expertise and specialization to engage in group practice. Equipped with only a portable X-ray machine and some laboratory equipment, nevertheless they started their group practice immediately. To meet the demands of a thriving and increasing patient load they decided to go into a partnership agreement to establish and operate a private hospital and was granted approval by the Securities and Exchange Commission under the trade name “The Doctors’ Hospital” on January 4, 1951. Thus the first “The Doctors’ Hospital” in the Philippines was established.

On February 2, 1951, the Doctors’ Hospital needed a bigger space so they leased the second floor of the Gensoli Building at Lacson St., Bacolod City. One year after, their operations as a private hospital grew further that three doctors were not enough to handle the patient overload. It was by this time on February 25, 1952 that Dr. Alberto R. Tad-y Sr. joined the partnership. The phenomenal growth in its operation left no choice for the hospital to look again for a bigger venue to accommodate the volume of patients that they were attracting. On April 30, 1953 they leased the building used to be occupied by a private hospital owned by Dr. Hermilo Jocson called “The Bacolod Private Hospital” at Smith Street (later became the City Police Headquarters for many years).

On August 15. 1954, one of the partners, Dr. Pablo O. Torre, Sr., withdrew from the partnership and founded his own hospital then named the “Riverside Hospital”. With the partnership dissolved upon withdrawal of one partner the remaining partners decided to incorporate the hospital to give it more stability and permanency. On August 14, 1956, the application of the incorporators namely, Dr. Jose L. Abueg Sr., Dr. Leonardo F. Gallardo Sr., Dr. Alberto R. Tad-y Sr., Dr. Angel Lorenzo and Remigia Cordova, with the Securities and Commission was approved under the trade name “The Doctors’ Hospital Inc.”

Sometime in 1957, a milestone and a turning point in the history of the hospital was achieved with the construction of its own building with a 50-bed capacity at North Drive (presently B.S. Aquino, Capitol Subdivision, Bacolod City). Inspite of limited financial resources, the hospital through the representation of Dr. Jose L. Abueg was able to acquire a one hectare lot from Capitol Subdivision at a very cheap price courtesy of Don Alfredo (Peding) Montelibano Sr.

During the early years, the hospital administration was under the supervision of the nuns of the Daughters of Charity headed by Sor Ricarda, while the owners-doctors concentrated on their medical practice. The three main stockholders, namely, Dr. Jose L. Abueg Sr., Dr. Leonardo F. Gallardo Sr. and Dr. Alberto Tad-y concentrated more on developing their individual practices. It was at this time that another doctor, Dr. Floro Bongco, joined the hospital.

Ten years after, the hospital built an annex modernizing its facilities and increasing its bed capacity from 50 to 100 beds. At this time, the hospital was operating as a general hospital, taking care of patients in Surgery, Medicine, OB-Gyne, Pediatrics and EENT. It has two well-equipped Operating Rooms and one minor operating room. It also had two Delivery Rooms and one Labor Room, which accommodated four patients at a time.

Continuing its goal of continuous improvement the year 1987 saw the hospital increasing its air-conditioned private rooms from 16 to 50 rooms. It totally renovated all the Ward sections at the third floor, increased the number of its Operating Rooms to four, its Delivery Rooms to three and built a separate Recovery Room, which could accommodate Five (5) patients. Other areas renovated were the Nursery Section, Laboratory and other areas.

In 1991, all private air-conditioned rooms and suites were renovated. In early 1992, the Pulmonary Section was opened. Thereafter, the hospital was gradually and slowly expanding and improving its facilities and services. It opened a Physical Therapy Section, a 100-seat capacity Cafeteria, a completely renovated Dietary Section and a totally renovated and refurbished 40-bed Pediatric Section with ICU facilities.

In 1995, the entire façade of the hospital was renovated giving it a new look altogether. Also at this time, the new OPD wing was added which expanded the hospital’s capacity to service out-patients. Simultaneous with the improvement of the Emergency Room (ER) facilities was the relocation of the emergency entrance in order to facilitate faster and more efficient delivery of emergency services.

In spite of the unfavorable economic condition, both locally and globally, the Doctors’ Hospital Inc. continued to grow steadily in the next five years using its own financial resources. Even the nation’s political instabilities did not deter the onward plan to move forward and achieve its optimistic future goals. For the first time in the hospital’s history, the management acquired its biggest loan from The Development Bank of the Philippines amounting to P 70 million in the year 0f 2006. The loan was earmarked for upgrading the facilities of the hospital with its main bulk allocated for the massive renovation of the main building and purchase of medical equipment, improving power generation and many others.

The Administration Office has transferred to the new building as well as the Records Section. To foster the growth and manage its expanding resources, the hospital decided to link all areas electronically commissioning the services of BIZBOX a Hospital Information System Company.

At this point, the Doctors’ Hospital Inc. acknowledges the services of its past Medical Directors, namely, Dr. Leonardo F Gallardo Sr., Dr. Jose L. Abueg Sr., Dr. Alberto R. Tad-y Sr., Dr. Rodolfo Jocson, and Dr. Lolito Sm Tumbocon. All have passed away now but their memories of service and dedication will never be forgotten. Their legacies live on and are now passed on to the next generation.

It is because of the memories of the incorporator-doctors and medical directors that the Doctors’ Hospital is committed to its vision/mission statement of “ imparting our God-given skills to promote the physical, psychological and spiritual healing of those in need by providing the best quality of care that we as responsible professional commit to practice.” Only then can we say that we, the family of Doctors’ Hospital have lived up to the dreams, ideals and aspirations of our founders when they first built this institution. The torch has been passed…..It is up to us if we can serve our fellowmen with the same zeal, dedication, caring and selflessness.

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