The Doctors' Hospital Inc. prides itself on having responsible and competent professionals who work together for a common goal. If you would like to be a part of our community, we are in need of the following:
  • Staff Nurse
  •            Qualifications:
               ➔ Must be a graduate of B.S. Nursing.
               ➔ Registered Nurse with updated PRC License.
               ➔ With training Certificates.
               ➔ With at least 6 months Hospital experience.  
    • Registered Electrical Engineer
    •            Qualifications:
                 ➔ Must be a graduate of B.S. Electrical engineering.
                 ➔ Must be a Registered Electrical Engineer.
                 ➔ With commendable supervisory and communication skills.
                 ➔ must be computer literate and good interpersonal relationship skills.  
      • Safety Officer Nurse
      •            Qualifications
                   ➔ Registered Electrical Engineer.
                   ➔ Can work Under pressure.
                   ➔ Must be physically fit.
                   ➔ With good interpersonal relationship skills.
                   ➔ With commendable supervisory & communication skills.  
        • Pharmacy Assistant
        •            Qualifications
                     ➔ Must be a graduate of B.S. Pharmacy (Underboard).
                     ➔ Must be physically fit & willing to work on a shifting schedule.
                     ➔ With adequate verbal, written & interpersonal skills.  

      Just submit your application letter and resume to the Human Resource Office or you can email us at
      Your application letter should be addressed to:

                   Dr. Rafael L. Jocson
                   Chief of Hospital
                   The Doctors' Hospital, Inc.
                   Bacolod City.

      Let us work together in providing the best quality of care. For any inquires, you may contact us at (034) 468 2100 local 1117 / 1118.